“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” the premise being that  a woman will make someone suffer if they reject her. First penned in the 1697 play The Mourning Bride (Act III Scene 2) by William Congreve. So here in 2020 this is anything but a new concept.

I recently watched two seasons of a TV show that made me want to scream yet I could not get enough. I would not recommend this show to anyone with less than two years of strong sex and love addiction recovery. There is a lot of sexuality, though it is mostly implied, yet it could be a trigger to someone new in recovery. Processed with caution.

Doctor Foster is a BBC One drama television series that was first broadcast on September 9, 2015. The five-part series, written by Mike Bartlett, is about Dr Gemma Foster, who suspects that her husband is having an affair. After she follows several lines of inquiry, her life unravels. The story line was inspired by the ancient myth of Medea, a wronged wife who poisons her husband’s new bride and kills their children. The second series started on September 5, 2017 and concluded on October 3, 2017.

Gemma Foster, a doctor at the Parminster Medical Centre, is happily married to property developer Simon, with whom she has a young son, Tom. One day, she finds a blonde hair on Simon’s scarf and suspects him of infidelity, possibly with his assistant Becky. Rather than confront him, she confides in her colleague Ros. At work, she forces elderly doctor Jack Reynolds, who has become an alcoholic, to retire. She does a deal with a young patient, Carly, to give her sleeping pills and get rid of her abusive partner by threatening him and demanding he move out – in return for the patient following Simon. From there it only gets more convoluted.

Without doing a spoiler alert I would like to focus on what my experience dealing with betrayal has revealed to me more times than I can count. There is a moment when the good doctor confronts her husband for the first time. I could see in his eyes and his body language his brain working overtime all in a nano second doing a in depth deep dive assessment of cost-benefit analysis. The wheels were working overtime. Do I tell her the truth? Do I tell her as much as I think she can hold without blowing up my marriage and my life or do I try to gaslight her and look her dead in the eye and lie? There is no fourth option.

The second thread of this for me is that here are two educated people, one is in the health profession and yet neither one at any time even thinks for a second that they might need some help, not only for them but also not for their twelve year old son. Could you imagine if the good doctor dropped her transmission in her car getting home and googling “how to fix a transmission” and trying to fix it herself? or how about a leaky roof? Yet when it comes to marriage, family, and emotional turmoil, human beings first thought is “I can figure this out”. They both could not pump the breaks even for a moment to see that hurt people hurt people!

The power of obsession and the evil of deceit leads to good theater but in real life the destruction can last for multiple generations. No one ever gets out unscathed. Yet the thrill of the chase, the allure of the climaxes makes basically good people do disastrous behavior. It is a classic case of loose, loose! Ah, all this is a result of thinking with the wrong head!

If you have been down this road before or are still on it, do not believe for a second that you can figure this out by yourself. Albert Einstein, once said that a brain that creates the problem can not be the same brain that solves the problem, just a thought. If you just want to talk contact me and remember, misery is optional.


A former Miss Kentucky who admitted to exchanging explicit photos with a teenager has been sentenced to two years at a West Virginia prison. Ramsey Beth Ann Bearse, 29, also was sentenced to 10 years of supervised released and a requirement that she register as a lifetime sex offender, according to the sentencing disposition order filed in Kanawha County Circuit Court. She was sentenced by Judge Louis H. Bloom on Tuesday and was ordered to report to Lakin Correctional Center on July 20.

Bearse was crowned Miss Kentucky in 2014. She competed in pageants under the name Ramsey Carpenter, and her fiddle performance won the preliminary talent competition at the national Miss America pageant in Atlantic City. By the way… NO MENTION OF ADDICTION?!

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