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Recovery Coaching & Mentoring

  • Personal process and support Groups for men who suffer from sex and love addiction
  • Family and Couple’s reconciliation opportunities
  • Individual strategy meetings to develop a workable plan to arrest problematic sexual behaviors:
        –  The Nature of the illness/addictions
        –  Defense systems we create
        –  The recovery process
        –  New ways of thinking and feeling
        –  Human behavior and relationships
        –  Family roles and involvement
        –  Health concerns
        –  Creating a balanced lifestyle
        –  Creating a support system vital to recovery
        –  Developing spirituality


  • For schools (teachers, students, administrators and parents) 
  • For organizations and institutions of all sorts Training/ Speaking
  • Presentations about the origin of sexual addiction and the use of goal setting to heal
  • Workshops for recovery communities 
  • Seminars for business or government personnel

Social activities to combat isolation and reduce shame

  • 5 Pot Luck Movie nights a year for men
  • Family and friends go to Mariner’s and Seattle Storm Games
  • Annual Softball/BBQ Summer Picnic for family, friends and pets
  • Annual December Holiday Party: High end event, semi-formal, catered with live music & open mic.
  • No Alcohol served at any of our NMS events

No More Secrets is a non-discriminatory program, everyone is welcome regardless of their sexual orientation.