Welcome to No More Secrets!

I am in the business of being a “good shepherd,” helping people help themselves to heal from the destructive disease of addiction. I believe that addiction is a primary illness that is chronic, progressive, and potentially fatal if left untreated. I believe that everyone can heal if they are fearless and thorough from the very start. I believe there is hope for every addict who is willing to be willing.

I believe that each and every crisis is an opportunity to start the recovery process. When the gift of desperation finally arrives along with it comes the potential for the gift of recovery, the gift of a new life, one that is built on honesty, integrity and good judgment. I am committed to helping the addict who still suffers.

In terms of both human and financial terms, I acknowledge the value of the service I provide. Yet as part of my own personal mission, I am committed to never let economics be the determining factor to providing services. I constantly seek to improve my work and to demonstrate empathy and respect towards those I serve. Underlying it all is the belief that the people I help are my greatest and most precious asset. Come join me as we start our journey from shame to grace.

Jay Parker,
Recovery Coach & Consultant

No More Secrets is a non-discriminatory program, everyone is welcome regardless of their sexual orientation.