With much joy and anticipation plus an unbridled feeling of gratitude, my book, A Year of No More Secrets, is finally out in print and is available either in hard copy or on Kindle. The book is a 270 page journal of one calendar year of No More Secrets, with all the heartbreak, trauma, redemption and grace that is associated with the lives of sex and love addicts in recovery.

So often we read a story about a celebrity whose life has come undone and within the story it says that he has “entered treatment.” Even in the case of Tiger Woods, it was reported that he went to an un-named facility in Mississippi for treatment after his life blew up very publicly. But what does that really mean? What does it really look like? No More Secrets (NMS) is a unique recovery model for those who suffer from sex and love addiction. A Year of No More Secrets details the ups and downs of people in NMS, sharing the pain, hurt, betrayal, grief, loss, shame, and gifts of recovery. As a Recovery Coach, my goal is to create a lasting community in which people in recovery stay sober and grow. The book is a compilation of their stories, and I feel blessed to have the good fortune to bear witness to their lives, losses and miracles.

The book contains an introduction written by my friend and Keystone ECU Family Therapist, Michael Morton MA, LMFT, C-SAT-S. A Year of No More Secrets also contains endorsements from several of my colleagues: my mentor and friend, John Lucas, a former NBA player and Coach who has helped many recover from addiction issues and is the author of Winning One Day At a Time; Rokelle Lerner, Clinical Director of InnerPath Retreats, Cottonwood Tucson, and author of The Object of Affection is in My Reflection: Coping With Narcissists; and my business colleague for over fifteen years, Dr. Hilarie Cash, Co-Founder of ReStart Treatment Center for Internet Addiction and author of Video Games and Your Kids: How Parents Stay In Control.

The book starts with actual testimonials from some of the people I write about in the book. It reads like a novel but it is oh so real. Truth be told, I for one could never make this stuff up. But most of all, A Year of No More Secrets is a powerful peek into the world of sex and love addicts and their efforts to recover from this chronic, progressive and potentially fatal illness.

A Year of No More Secrets also includes a statistical breakdown of all the men who were in NMS during the time the book was being written. That data includes their educational background, marital status, children/ages, religious background, type of home they grew up in, types of sexually acting out behaviors, connection to the criminal justice system, and careers, just to name a few. It is an inside look at the demographics of those men who walk in my door and who present to the outside world a level of moral behavior that is beyond reproach. The data also includes success rates and over-all recovery efficacies.

A Year of No More Secrets is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle and CreateSpace. A podcast reading of the first chapter is available below for anyone who is interested in a sneak peek of what the book is like. Take a few minutes and listen to me read Chapter 1. I’ve been told it is enlightening and inspirational. I hope you enjoy it.

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