Suburban man arrested for soliciting prostitute on his honeymoon.                   

The wife of a northwest suburban man who reported him missing on their Florida honeymoon learned he was safe — and arrested for allegedly soliciting a prostitute.  The wife of Mohammed U. Ahmed, 21, of Lincolnwood, reported him missing last week to the Orange County, Fla., Sheriff’s Department when he did not return to their hotel, a sheriff’s department spokeswoman said. The wife then was notified he had been arrested in nearby Polk County.

The man from Illinois had literally only been married for hours, and had traveled with his new bride to Orlando for their honeymoon. He left his bride to go off and meet the woman in the agreed location, but to his shock when he arrived he was arrested by undercover police officers.

After his arrest, Ahmed told a police officer he was on his honeymoon and contacted the undercover detective after he found her ad on backpage.com, according to police reports. He told her he was “horny” and offered her $100 for sexual intercourse, police said. At least he didn’t say he was “tired of the same old thing.“  What a self-absorbed addict, but it does come with the territory. His bride was, it is sad to say, just “collateral damage” in this whole sorted mess.

Police said Ahmed admitted it was the second time he has used backpage.com to find women and meet them for sex.  Just like the alcoholic who gets pulled over suspected of a D.U.I. when asked if he has been drinking, he will always answer yes, but only two!  I’m sure if authorities check his home computer they’ll find a cache of porn. This behavior does not happen in a vacuum.

Ahmed could not immediately be reached for comment. Reports state that in addition to the 21 year old groom on his honeymoon, a local 45 year old youth minister was also arrested for attempting to hire a prostitute.

Cruising on the internet a couple of days ago I saw a headline that caught my eye: Dr. Phil’s eight signs you picked an “EVIL” man.  I’m not a huge fan but I was curious.  And there he was with Oprah in tow giving a lecture to women about evil men and there we were [sex addicts in active addiction] in living color on a show that had nothing to do with sex addiction. So here is the list:
#1 Arrogant/Entitled
#2 Lack of Empathy
#3 No remorse/guilt
#4 Irresponsible/self-destructive
#5 Thrives on drama/crisis
#6 Brags about outsmarting others
#7 History of short term relationships
#8 lives in a fantasy world/delusional.

Don’t you think our groom hit them all?

Now the real question I would love to know is how many of the eight red flags did the bride or her friends and family see? And why did she run the stop sign?

I have a feeling this couple will not be dying with their teeth in a jar next to each other at 90, surrounded by family and friends. I wonder who gets to keep the wedding pictures?  Oh they’re probably not back yet!

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