How is a Coach different from a Sponsor?

Sponsors come from 12-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Sex Addicts Anonymous, and Debtor’s Anonymous.

Sponsors are not paid professionals; they benefit personally from the service they give you by staying clean and sober or abstinent themselves.

A sponsor’s job is to help their sponsee stay clean, abstinent, or sober by working through the 12 steps and using the program and fellowship effectively to stop the addictive behavior. Sponsors have a singleness of purpose—they stick with the steps and traditions. Often the focus is on cleaning up the past.

A coach isn’t limited to using the steps and traditions and coaches don’t focus on the past. Recovery Coaching is not affiliated with any 12-step program and does not promote a particular path or way to recover. However, many recovery coaches are members of 12-step programs and have both a sponsor and a coach! A coach’s job is to challenge and support their client as they make lifestyle changes and begin to have a better quality of life.